The Perfect Panamas from Janessa Leone

She's So Bright - The Perfect Panamas from Janessa Leone

Forgetting the bucket hat trend of the late 90’s, I’ve gone from never wearing a hat in my life to having a growing collection for nearly every outfit. I wear a lot of hats on this blog, but they’re all mainly one designer: Janessa Leone. Her muted color palette and …

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Pardon the Radio Silence

She's So Bright - Iceland Radio Silence

Did you miss me? Because I missed you! I just got back, late last night, from 8 days of winter adventuring around Iceland. If you happened to follow along on my Instagram, you’d have seen by the photos that I got around the country quite a bit, and wasn’t exactly …

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Patiently Waiting for Spring

She's So Bright - Patiently Waiting for Spring

It’s always darkest before the dawn, or that’s what I keep telling myself while I am snowed in with everyone else after this East Coast blizzard. A few days ago, I swear I saw buds on my magnolia tree, and now I can’t see the driveway. Spring is technically only …

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Current Guilty Pleasure: Revenge Body

She's So Bright - Current Guilty Pleasure: Revenge Body

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, really? The Kardashians? But first, let me explain! I am not a fan of their show, though I will admit to occasionally sneaking it while eating girl scout cookies and hiding from my husband. “They already have enough money,” he chides, which is very …

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Thoughts for the Weekend

She's So Bright - Thoughts for the Weekend Mid-March

I haven’t been sleeping so well this week. I wasn’t sure if it was the work being done in our apartment which is emitting strange smells, our attempt to go to bed early in anticipation of our upcoming trip to Iceland, the earplugs I’ve lately been wearing, or the changing …

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Updating a Globe From My Childhood

She's So Bright - Updating a Globe From My Childhood

I recently discovered an old globe from my childhood, collecting dust in one of my parent’s numerous eaves. It’s nothing particularly special, probably from the late 80’s (hint being the large orange mass labeled U.S.S.R.), but as it’s the only globe my sisters and I had, I thought it might be …

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Fortune Favors the Bold

She's So Bright - Fortune Favors the Bold

I’ve been thinking about this quote for a while. In fact, I’ve been considering it for a little over a month now. Fortune favors the bold. I guess it means that for those of us standing in the shadows, fortune is less likely to shine a light on our darkened …

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Letterpressed for Time

She's So Bright - Letterpressed for Time

I hadn’t been to the studio for over a month, and the space was much the same as before: empty cardboard boxes balanced atop each other, shelves full of flattened stacks of parent sheets, lead spacing scattered across the main work table, and the terrible offense of leaving wood type …

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A Coral Coat By the Seashore

She's So Bright - A Coral Coat By the Sea Shore

I picked up this fabulous coat on sale last week and I had to share (snag one before they’re sold out!). Amid buying heavy wools and balaclavas for our upcoming trip to Iceland, I couldn’t resist splurging on something that wasn’t for extreme weather conditions. All those granola colored wool …

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