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Shes's So Bright - About Eva

She’s So Bright is a blog both smart and pretty, a balance Eva Grall tries to find by bringing beauty and substance together wherever she can. Every morning you can find her sipping a latte and solving the NYTimes’ daily KenKen – her favorite puzzle. She aspires to have the perfect night’s sleep, day dreams of Caribbean vacations, and is inspired by the colors and chrome finishes of 1950’s design. As the youngest of five girls, Eva grew up following the lead of her academic sisters and attended Brown University as an engineer. She was soon dabbling in psychology, but a very dull statistics class kicked her creative drive in gear, and she graduated with a degree in both theater and creative writing.

After running her own letterpress company for several years in San Francisco, Eva is finally exploring her other creative interests back home on the east coast. Here at She’s So Bright she shares photos and stories from her life, projects she’s working on, food she’s cooking, and it’s the place for all the things she loves to come together.

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