A Jewel of a Vintage Shop

A Jewel of a Vintage Shop - She's So Bright, Mission et Made, Etsy, Vintage, Shop, Chic, French, Pink, Decor, Inspiration, Marie Antoinette, Feature

Some people have an innate skill for curation. They see a particular item, and they’re able to showcase its unique brilliance — transforming a piece that was once forgotten into an elevated and desirable object. This …

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This Artist.

She's So Bright - Serge Marshennikov's Beautiful Paintings

I’m not someone who necessarily seeks out painted works, but when I see a style that captivates my heart, I can’t help but fall in love. Serge Marshennikov’s pieces are like that – easy to fall …

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This Painting.

She's So Bright - This Painting, by Lino Lago via Colossal

I’m not such a huge fan of modern art, opting to look at a great photograph or impressionistic painting instead. A lot of the time I simply don’t get it and am left scratching my head …

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The Paper Art of Chloé Fleury

She's So Bright - The Paper Art of Chloé Fleury

Paper has always been a favorite medium of mine (see greeting cards), but it never ceases to amaze me how artists find new ways of using it to create magnificent works of art. Enter Chloé Fleury, the L.A. …

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