My Favorite Instagram Account of the Moment: Classical Art Shit

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She's So Bright - My Favorite Instagram Account of the Moment: Classical Art Shit, @classicalartshit
Me, last week…

Let’s be honest, we’ve all gone to visit some major museum somewhere and ended up looking at a piece of art that makes utterly no sense to us. Be it a pile of fruit that’s supposed to symbolize every feeling and historical fact since 10,000 BC (I actually like those), or a half-eaten tapestry that represents some Middle Age war (these not so much), there are old depictions, illustrations, drawings and everything in between that show humans doing weird things. And there’s also some bad, poorly done art that is just plain ugly. Enter @classicalartshit, a fantastically hilarious Instagram account that I stumbled upon a few weeks ago and has quickly become the favorite thing on my feed.

I think it might be the fact that I’m used to scrolling through too many images of beautiful people, things, or places, so when something that is literally just awesomely funny comes along, I can’t help but enjoy it ten-fold. Classical Art Shit takes classic art images and makes memes out of them. It’s that simple, and yet, as someone who struggles to write even a short joke on Instagram, I appreciate the skill with which these are made. I think that it’s doubly brilliant, in fact, given that they often take old, ugly, misunderstood art, and made it into something new and funny. It has a new life outside the confines of that museum storage unit. It’s relevant again – art for the 21st century using pieces from the last several thousand.

And so, if you needed any more convincing, I’ve put together my top ten @classicalartshit memes for your enjoyment! I hope they make you laugh until your tapestries fall down!

1. On Mansplaining:

2. On The difficulty of weight loss:

3. The reality of online dating:

4. Making fun of the current political climate:

5. Because Mondays:

6. Since we never know what is happening in those religious paintings:

7. Speaking the truth:

8. On Privacy:

9. The only way to explain what’s happening in some photos:

10. And cleverly:

What do you think? Worth giving @classicalartshit a follow? They’ll certainly brighten up your Instagram with a good belly laugh or two!

What Instagram accounts make you laugh out loud? Share with me in the comments below!

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