Happy Halloween From Amelia Earhart!

Meet Amelia Earhart. She’s an adventurous, pioneering female pilot whose fearless determination made her an icon. Personally, I find flying absolutely terrifying, but I think that’s what makes me admire her more. In the days when …

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At Sea in My Creativity

Everyone’s creativity works in different ways. Some people’s creativity becomes a trickling spring after digging through a well of inspiration. Others take their dreams and turn them into realities one sketch at a time (Karl Lagerfeld …

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An Edith Head Coffee Table Book

She's So Bright - An Edith Head Coffee Table Book. Costume designers, film icons, movie, wardrobe.

From Rear Window to White Christmas, Blue Hawaii to Roman Holiday, Edith Head’s costumes have been my favorite part of old Hollywood movies. They are the second cast member in the shot and the ornamental piece …

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