The Vibrant Colors of Autumn

The Colorful Wonders of Fall - She's So Bright, Fall, Fall Colors, Autumn, Rainbow, Leaves, Trees

I am so excited for it to be October that I’m literally squealing with delight. My favorite season is upon us and while it’s the shortest of them all, it’s easily the most glorious. This year, …

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Inspiration for a Lovely Fall

She's So Bright - Inspiration for a Lovely Fall, Moody, Mood board, fall style, vibe

From deep greens to earthy minerals, here’s what has me inspired for fall! Clockwise from top right: 1. Deep purples and jewel tones made me want to embrace the darker colors of the season, with all …

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Fall is Just Within Reach!

She's So Bright - Fall is Just Within Reach

Fall is easily my favorite season. Each year, as summer drags on with its wretched humidity, I think about welcoming the cool air with my warm face, steaming over a hot cup of tea, and pulling …

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