Taking on the Summer

She's So Bright - Taking on the Summer

Summer plans are always a challenge for me, as I prefer to sit somewhere quiet, enjoy the heat and relax, rather than be busy. And in terms of how good a summer can be, it doesn’t …

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Let’s All Get Comfy & Cozy

She's So Bright - Comfy Cozy Wear

I know that I’ve lamented the cold weather quite a bit recently, so instead, I’m going to make it work and embrace the opportunity for snuggly clothes. This is embarrassing to say, but I’ve been wearing the …

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Currently Reading: A Moveable Feast

She's So Bright - Currently Reading: A Moveable Feast

Before our wedding, a close family member recommended A Moveable Feast to me. “It changed my life,” she said. Well, that’s good enough reason for me! I’d previously read two Hemingway novels: The Sun Also Rises and …

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6 Links to Brighten Your Week

She's So Bright - 6 Links to Brighten Your Week

1. This October horror movie calendar and the streaming services you need to watch each one. 2. A very cool, vintage inspired guitar pedal. 3. Might make you very sick, or might be the most delicious thing ever: Halloween Oreo Cocoa. …

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