The Sea Dweller

Editor’s Note: I shared this short story with you a few years back, but my full vision for the project had not yet been realized. With this book cover design, you get to see how I’ve …

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A Pair of Hearty Lenses

There’s something about the smell of old things — used things — that can be addictive. Perhaps it’s a person’s residual presence, the way their hand held that item for years, or the scent of their …

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An Italian Escape

She's So Bright - An Italian Escape, Short Story. Views from Val D'orcia in Italy's Tuscany. Fields of wheat. Travel goals. International Adventure.

Audrey’s arm stretched to its fullest, reaching under the splintered wood of the sink. Where is that darn thing she thought, anticipating the cool metal touch of the wrench she was sure had to be somewhere. …

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