The Healthy Benefits of Watching Too Much TV

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She's So Bright - The Healthy Benefit of Watching Too Much TV
Let’s all watch more television! Photograph by Alamy.

When you’re stuck on the couch with a headache and the sniffles, what else are you to do but watch television?

Well that’s where I’ve been for the last three days: in my TV room, fighting the fiercest cold that overtook my immune system in what seemed like just a few hours. Between bouts of blowing my nose and sticking my face under a towel into my makeshift Viks Vaporub steam room, I have watched endless amounts of television this week.

I was feeling horrible, but was secretly delighted to have an excuse to sit in front of the Boob tube all day in a stupor. It was sick bliss – all this time to finally catch up on the television I’ve been missing! From finishing HBO’s Big Little Lies, The O.A., to Dave Chappelle’s standup, I had worked my little Apple TV so hard I had to change the battery on the remote. But somewhere halfway through Netflix’s The Crown my attention started to wane. Maybe it was the stress from young Queen Elizabeth’s heavy burden, or the intensity in which the story was told, but I quickly switched gears and watched a few episodes of GIRLS to refresh the mood.

Nope. By my third episode, I was toast. My interest had gone, I was out of red Gatorade, and I started to hate being stuck watching all this TV. At the time, my brain could barely put a sentence together, but I was yearning to get back to doing real things: working, reading, running errands, cooking, just doing something that wasn’t watching television. To make it worse, while I turned into a blob, Jon had touched up the paint in our entire apartment that had been scuffed or dinged. He also repaired a few fixtures, installed door stoppers and oiled a lock so it would open smoothly. His day was the perfect contrast to my useless one. This only made me want to get back on my feet again quicker.

So, if you find yourself lacking motivation to do anything this weekend, perhaps a little overindulgence in TV will help. Come Monday, you just might find yourself more than ready to get back to work!

Have you ever binge watched TV only to find that you wanted to get outside and get moving?

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