A Detective Story

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She's So Bright - A Detective Story

I loved this photo series Jon took of me in Montreal, but rather than just posting the pictures on their own, I thought it’d be fun to write a little page turning story to go along with it! So without further delay, here it goes:

It was a phone call she had waited years to make. In the last light of sunset, she drove out to the lone telephone booth, the yellow light a beacon in the blue hour. The number had never left her memory, bringing with it hundreds of dial tones, short rings, of butterflies in her stomach, and the anticipation of hearty laughter on the other end.

But this call was different. She needed information from years ago, from the event that had changed her life and left her searching for answers. All these years of solving other people’s mysteries had brought her back to one of her own, and there was only one other person who saw what happened, who could corroborate her story and tell the truth. To help her chase down this demon and finally put it to rest.

She waited with baited breath as the call went through. Please answer, she muttered. Please.

She's So Bright - A Detective Story She's So Bright - A Detective Story

A voice picked up, but it wasn’t the one she anticipated. The flowery, female twang was wrong – she hung up in a fury.

She's So Bright - A Detective Story She's So Bright - A Detective Story

Just as she was cursing bad luck, the phone rang, startling her. It was the right voice, the man she had known all those years ago, with not so much laughter in his voice anymore. A tumble of words rushed to be spoken but all she managed was a strained hello.

“Meet me at the Sparrow,” he whispered. The shock of the dial tone hit her ear and she quickly gathered her thoughts and her wits, heading out into the cool evening light to find her answers.

And that’s all I’ve got! I hope it put you in the mood to solve a mystery and may your own weekend have a little intrigue! 😉

She's So Bright - A Detective StoryShe's So Bright - A Detective Story
She's So Bright - A Detective Story

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