The Phone Accessory You Needed Yesterday

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She's So Bright - The Phone Accessory You Needed Yesterday
My phone case in gold

My iPhone 6 always has a dead battery. From too much time on Instagram, to reading emails, text messages, and trying to get the last black coin in Mario Run, my phone is always hovering around 20% juice. I simply forget to charge it, even though I set up a convenient little charging station next to my bed. It’s just one of those things – you use the phone more than you think and the battery dies sooner than expected. It’s not your fault, it just sort of happens.

Well I have a solution. After nagging me to get an iPhone battery pack for a while, Jon finally sold me on the Mophie Battery Phone Case. He has had the largest one they make for the iPhone 6 for over a year and he’s been very happy with it. The Juice Pack Ultra multiplies a standard iPhone battery by 3 times (three times!). I will never know how often his battery pack has saved us from getting lost on trips and who knows where we would be without it during our endeavor in Iceland’s WestFjords. It’s probably saved our necks more than I can count!

What I think appeals most about the Mophies, is they have so many different options depending on how much you use your phone. Everyone has different needs and will be more or less sensitive to added bulk and weight. I usually carry my phone in my purse, but didn’t want something that was more than a little heavy to hold. Since Jon has the Ultra and the international phone plan, we rely on his more often when traveling, so I just need something that will get me through an extra day when I’ve forgotten to charge it. I chose the Juice Pack Air, which adds an additional iPhone battery to your phone and has minimal weight. It’s a little chunky on the bottom, but the exterior adds some serious drop protection – which I accidentally tested the other day when it went crashing down on the asphalt. Oops!

She's So Bright - The Phone Accessory You Needed Yesterday

The other cool thing about these devices is that you can have continuous charge to your phone. A little nob at the back allows you to give power to your device, so it drains the battery pack first, rather than your phone. My phone is always at 100% these days, and I cannot wait to try it on some upcoming trips where I expect to post a lot of Insta Stories.

Mophie also makes the Reserve, their smallest and lightest option (adds 60% battery life), and the Plus (adds 120% battery life). Each option is reasonably priced and comes in a variety of colors – even in gold and rose gold to match the iPhone shells. And, I must tell you, after a month of trying my battery pack out, I have NEVER had my phone die on me. I can’t believe I waited so long to get one, it’s just one less thing to worry about!

If you’re looking to add a little more juice to your phone, I suggest you give Mophie a try!

Mophie sells juice packs with wireless charging for all the newest iPhones and Androids, as well as many options for previous generations, and are offering $5 off your purchase through their website here! They also make an underwater battery case which sounds pretty cool if you are an underwater archaeologist, or planning an expedition to the jungles of Borneo. Do you have any tech accessories you can’t live without?

She's So Bright - The Phone Accessory You Needed Yesterday

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