It’s Starting to Feel Spooky!

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She's So Bright - It's Starting to Feel Spooky

The mums are out, the leaves are changing, and now that it’s October I’ve got my mind on one thing – Halloween!! I’ve been working like a maniac on my costume lately (excited to reveal it here on the blog at the end of the month), so as I tinker away in my workroom…I mean dungeon lair, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite spooky posts from the archive, to set you in the mood for a fright!

Read on to see my picks…

Christine McConnell with presents
Looks like she’s working on something special this Halloween!

An October Girl Crush that never ended

Last year I wrote about Christine McConnell’s incredible self portraits that have inspired me to push my creative boundaries and to lean into all of my wacky ideas. Did I mention she also bakes the most elaborate and gruesome treats? If you haven’t met Christine, click here to check out the post!

She's So Bright - It's Starting to Feel Spooky
Needed quite a bit of food coloring to get the saturated colors

A Perfectly Creepy Macaron Recipe

I love macarons, so I’ll definitely be making these super cute halloween ones to enjoy this year. Last time I made them, they only lasted about half a day, and the culprit was easy to spot because his whole mouth was stained black! They’re ridiculously good, so click here for the recipe.

She's So Bright - Soniat House Hotel, New Orleans
The French Quarter’s amazing Soniat House

Jon is a New Orleans vampire

I tell people all the time about the painting of my husband in the Louisiana History Museum, but you need to see it to believe it! I’m hoping to be down in New Orleans again before the year is out, but I can’t forget how magical that first trip was (I nearly burst into tears in Jackson Square!). Check out our wanderings through the bayou and beyond here!

and of course…this crowd favorite…

She's So Bright - Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume
Wish I always had that beauty mark!

A Happy Halloween from Marie Antoinette!

Yes, I wore my wedding dress for a Halloween costume – and wouldn’t you know it was the perfect accessory to my tower of hair! This was such a fun look to create, surprisingly easy, and even got the neighbors to stop in their tracks. Check out all the photos here!

Welcome to October! I hope it’s off to a ridiculously creepy start!

What are your favorite blog posts to see in October? Any amazing costumes or creative projects you’ve encountered over the years? Share with me in the comments below!

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