7 Tips for Staying Present This Holiday

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She's So Bright - 10 Tips for Staying Present This Holiday Season

Tis the season to be frantic…fa la la la la…la la la la!

As we’re closing in on the holidays, everyone’s stress gets put into overdrive. From overspending on gifts, to speeding down the highway to get to a relative’s house on time, it makes people a little crazy. So to combat that tendency, I’ve decided to share some tips on how to stay present. The holidays go by fast, but they go by in a blink if you’re in your head all the time!

1. Unplug

It may be hard to pull yourself off of your phone, but the easiest way to feel life slowing down is to stop scanning Instagram and start looking at your Christmas tree. Who cares what your high school frenemy is doing on Facebook, enjoy where you are this holiday. The best way to do that is put away the phone, step away from the computer, and spend time with the people you love.

2. Keep It Simple

So many of us have the tendency to over do it, especially when it comes to decorating. Don’t feel pressure to have a perfect tree, an immaculate kitchen, or a handmade wreath you’ve assembled from pine boughs foraged in your backyard. Give yourself a break on the decorating and don’t become a slave to perfection. Deck your halls, but keep it simple!

3. Spend Less

This year I’m doing my best to stay within a reasonable budget, while also being conscience of wasteful gifts that don’t serve a purpose. I’m going a bit off the list to find thoughtful gifts, especially for my nieces and nephews, who I know will love presents that will get them outdoors, rather than gifts that will keep them glued to a screen. It’s never the cost, but the thought that really counts.

4. Give Attention

So, now that you’re unplugged and spending less, the greatest gift you can give to a friend or family member is your undivided attention. It may be your last holiday with a grandparent, or elderly relative, or the only time you can spend listening to your teenage cousin’s relationship problems. Gifts are nice, but quality time is always better, and I promise you’ll never regret it.

5. Be In The Moment

This can be harder to do for people who have anxiety, but try to be awake in each moment. Really look at the gifts you’re wrapping, watch the candle burning in the Menorah, take in that trip to the ice rink, or feel the cold snow in your hands. Meditate, read, or sit in silence if it helps you be awake and in the moment.

6. Slow Down

I’m not sure why people brag about having daily holiday events, it seems exhausting! You don’t need to attend every party or event to be worthwhile, especially if it’s causing you a lot of stress. Pick and choose things you really want to see or do, but be selective about your time and prioritize enjoyment over obligation.

7. Take Time For Yourself

If you’re busy buying gifts, cooking, and frankly being an Elf, Santa, and Mrs. Clause all at the same time, make sure you’re taking care of yourself. If that means screaming your frustrations into the holiday cookie jar, snacking on a candy cane behind the tree, or ducking out for a nail appointment at your favorite salon, DO IT!

Don’t let this wonderful season go by without being present and do your best to follow these tips to get ahead of any Grinch-like feelings. The holidays are supposed to be full of love and joy, so remember what’s important!

What are your tips for staying present during the holidays? Share with me in the comments below!

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