The Best Bridal Look According to Snippet & Ink

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She's So Bright - The Best Advice I Received as a Bride

I was so delighted to hear that my dress and accessories were chosen as one of the best bridal looks of the year on the wedding blog Snippet & Ink! I spent so much time and effort searching for my perfect dress and finding all the right pieces, so it’s a wonderful feeling that others can appreciate it too. It took weeks of appointments to find this beautiful Monique Lhuillier gown (read more about my wedding dress shopping here), but the real challenge was to find the shoes, which of course no one could see but were the most important thing for my comfort on the day! (I picked these, which were sturdy enough for dancing.)

I deliberately did not want a white dress, and Lhullier’s Severine came in both white and a soft blush color. The light pink was exactly what I was looking for, as I felt strongly that bright white did not go well with my skin tone. Once I found the dress, I requested that Saks (where I purchased my dress) commission a vintage style blusher in the same color tulle as the skirt. I wanted an updated vintage look and I felt that these accessories would combine in just the right way. I wore minimal jewelry on the day, small items from Catbird, so as not to compete with the delicate details of the dress.

She's So Bright - A Wedding in France

She's So Bright - A Wedding in France

Because it pains me too much to leave my wedding dress in a box, I’d love to be that crazy lady who wears it around all the time (Miss Havisham anyone?). Hopefully I can find some great opportunities to wear it in a different way in the new year! And thanks again to Snippet & Ink for sharing our wedding!

To read the full Snippet & Ink article, click here! And if you want to read more about my wedding: here’s how I picked my dress, wedding mishaps, how I designed my wedding invitations, the venue, and photos from the day. What did you wear on your wedding day? And if you’re not married, what kind of look would you choose?

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