Thoughts for the Weekend

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She's So Bright - Thoughts for the Weekend
Gorgeous flowers blooming in Charleston last week

As we’re now buried under about a foot of snow, it feels like a lifetime ago that I was enjoying the humidity and vibrancy of New Orleans. When we returned from our road trip (through Knoxville, and back up via Charleston), I had soaked up the spring weather into my soul, changed my wardrobe, and had pretty much settled into the fact that it was now time for it to be warm. Of course, a literal blizzard would put the kibosh on that, and remind me that we are still quite a ways away from the delightful Southern weather. It was so wonderful I wish I could have bottled it up and brought it to wherever you are!

This week has been a challenge, to say the least, from migraines to cat baths, and readjusting after long travel (14 hours in a car will make you quite loopy), I’ve been all over the place. Discombobulated doesn’t even begin to describe it! So, I’m taking a deep breath, slowing down and trying to give myself the quiet space I need to refocus. Oh, did I mention two of our neighbor’s trees fell where we park our little Mini Cooper? It happened in slow motion over a few hours, so we managed to move the car before they made the sad decent and uprooted themselves. But, yes, it has been a week!

In happy news, I’ve begun reading this book, which has been laugh-out-loud funny. While I’m not someone to judge a book by its cover, I do care a lot about design, so I struggled with the graphics on the cover. It’s really terrible. But, like I said, the book is better than expected and is inspiring me to read more about Eleanor Roosevelt. It’s funny that it crossed my path, given how one of my resolutions for the New Year was to face my fears. And that’s pretty much what My Year With Eleanor is all about. Overcoming fears. Because, apparently, Eleanor Roosevelt was terrified of most things and learned how to push through to fearlessness.

And just yesterday, one of my sisters shared a photo of Eleanor’s statue, near her apartment in New York City, covered in flowers. After all this snow, it was fun to see Old Navy honor the six figures of women in NY for International Women’s Day with bouquets and wreaths of colorful blooms amid the snowy landscape. Check out the photos here, and scroll down to see them all. I had no idea there was a Joan of Arc statue in the city – will have to make a pilgrimage there sometime soon!

If you have time for some reading, I loved this article from the New York Times titled Overlooked – obituaries of 15 remarkable women the paper had previously ignored. It will be a weekly collection, and I’m so glad to see Henrietta Lacks on there (if you haven’t read this book, get to it)! And this New Yorker article about the British Antarctic explorer Henry Worsley, who passed following in the footsteps of his hero Ernest Shackleton, was just incredible. As was this article from New York Magazine (are you sensing a theme?) titled Worst Roommate Ever.

Today I’m chugging along, but tomorrow I’m sleeping in! Have a great end to the week!

What are your plans for the weekend? Share with me in the comments below!

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