My Goals for a Lovely Spring

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She's So Bright - My Goals for a Lovely Spring
Just a friendly reminder – in case you needed it! P.S. I think this is a wall somewhere in L.A.?

Well, this is insane! It’s April, it still feels like February, and I still think it’s January. It’s like when people think the 1970’s were 30 years ago, and yet it has nearly been FIFTY YEARS! So, what’s the best way for me to feel like I’m seizing the diem? It’s making a list of goals of course, for the spring!

If there’s anything I’ve learned at the point in my life, nothing comes without planning. It’s not sexy, it’s not romantic, and it sure as heck isn’t usually easy. But I’ve got romance novels by the dozens for those kinds of tales. Nope, what’s needed is good old hard work and focus, so whenever I’m out here sharing lists, planning the future is what I’m all about.

Plans for a Lovely Spring:

1. Frolic through a field of wildflowers. (I may have turned into a hippie.)

2. Get a fire pit for chilly nights outside.

3. Take a weekend to Newport with my best friend. (We’ve meant to do this one for years!)

4. Sit outside nearly every day the weather permits.

5. Plant an herb garden from seeds.

6. Continue my yoga and fitness regiment!

7. Go to upstate New York for a quiet retreat with nothing to do but read and spend time with Jon.

8. CLEAN OUT MY CLOSETS! (This is a carryover from literally every other goal list I’ve posted on this blog! It’s gotten so out of hand that even Jon’s concerned about the state of my sweaters.)

9. Wear more dresses.

10. Finish the four apartment projects that I’ve been sitting on.

11. Take my mother out for lunch.

12. Push myself to finish a specific blog project I’ve been working on…(more on that later)

13. Learn to make Rouleaux de Printemps, AKA spring rolls!

14. Watch a movie with my dad. (It still counts if he falls asleep!)

15. Invite friends over for an outdoor dinner that I cook.

16. Convince Jon that a trip to either England, Scotland, Ireland, or Norway is necessary for the summer.

17. Take a walk in the local park as a way to start the morning.

18. Buy more indoor plants. (Could drive Jon insane, but it’s worth the risk.)

19. Do at least one week of meal planning.

20. Continue to face my fears whenever I feel like I’m having heart palpitations.

21. Have a picnic somewhere.

22. Photograph as many flowers in bloom as I can manage.

23. Give myself more time to unwind in the evenings.

24. Start going to the farmer’s market again.

25. Show gratitude.

Lately, I have been so happy with my reading pace (I’m knocking two books out a week at this point!), but I may have to pull it back in order to get the rest of these things checked off. This is a pretty solid list though, and I’m thinking of printing it out and keeping it in my planner to hold myself more accountable (sometimes things online don’t seem real). I may even add a few items as they come to me over the next few weeks!

And what about you? What are some of your spring goals?

Anything else I should add? Share your spring goals in the comments below! Image via Pinterest.

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