Today is A Perfect Day!

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She's So Bright - Today is the Perfect Day
…before I put on my makeup…

A few months back I shared this article in a 6 Links collection titled Tomorrow is a Very Big Day. It is a first-person account of the day’s events while noting how important tomorrow is – hence the title. It’s a commentary on our daily aspirations and how we always try to do better. Well lately, I’ve been thinking about how visualization and goal setting helps make many dreams a reality, and though I wouldn’t call being efficient in my day-to-day life a “dream,” I would certainly like it to see it realized. So I thought it’d be fun to write out the ideal day for me when working from home. And so, here you have my perfect day!

Big yawn! I wake up at 7 AM having had a deep, uninterrupted 8.5 hours of sleep. I feel energized and excited because today is going to be a perfect day! I can see the sunlight streaming through the rectangular edges of my blackout shades, and the weather report looks to be right – it’s going to be a warm and sunny 72 degrees. Jon stirs next to me, I kiss him and I jump out of bed with enthusiasm. I get up and put on my workout clothes, brush my teeth and put in my contact lenses. My eyes are clear and bright, no dry-eye drops necessary this morning.

In the kitchen, I drink an entire glass of water with lemon, make a big swallowing sound and wipe my mouth. A few moments to pet the cat outside, and then it’s Yoga time. I do an hour of Ashtanga yoga – it’s hard, but I push myself and make it through without any back pain. My chaturanga is fierce, and my flexibility is continuing to improve. Afterward, I spend twenty minutes doing extra stretching and then it’s onto breakfast. I make a delicious green smoothie, full of healthy nutrients, and put the pot on the stove for tea. Soon, the teapot is whistling, and I’m gulping down my breakfast white steeping a decaf English Breakfast. I sit with my drinks and do the New York Times’ KenKens and Crossword puzzle, finishing them all entirely without any clues. It really is a perfect day!

The clock tells me it’s only 9 AM, so I bring Jon a tea, hop in the shower and feel the hot water steam off the sweat from my workout. The whole day is ahead, and I’m feeling fine. I dress, donning a cute top and pants that have been feeling a little loose as of late. My makeup is simple, but I add a red lip to look really good for this perfect day. My hair dries volumized and wavy, not needing much fixing. It falls at my shoulders and curls around my back just as I like. I kiss my husband, eating breakfast at his computer, and sit at mine, ready for the day to begin at 10 AM!

My brain is already focused as I answer backlogged emails, and respond to blog comments, all the while drinking cool water with lemon (it’s good for digestion!). I update myself on the news, the latest posts of my favorite writers and look over my own schedule for the week. Then I write two articles, uninterrupted, and edit them in WordPress. I scan through the photos I plan to use, noting which ones need minor edits. And soon, it’s 1 PM and lunchtime.

I take a break, stretch, and head for the kitchen. Salads are the best lunch for the day, so I make one for my husband and me, cutting up apples and a few pieces of watermelon as a snack. We sit outside on the patio, enjoying the flowers I recently planted and listen to the cool breeze rustling the trees. The two of us chat about the latest trip we’re planning to Tokyo and discuss a few current events. With lunch finished, I remain on the patio with my laptop, and he goes back to work inside. I get back to editing my pictures, and they’re turning out better than I had hoped. I schedule two posts for the next few days, then have a phone call interview with a friend. We catch up, and she answers all my questions, then I glance at my calendar and make plans for the end of the week. At 4 PM I head into my studio and photograph a self-portrait to use next week with a short story I’ve written. I then respond to a few other emails, pack up a few of my greeting card orders and call it a day.

At 5 PM I meet a girlfriend to catch up and have drinks. She shares all the details with me on her new apartment, her travel plans, and her latest hobbies she’s been pursuing. We laugh about men, life, and all the things we’ve been through together. It’s the perfect day. At 6:30 I head home and heat up the most delicious leftovers from the food I made earlier in the week. The risotto is easy, and delicious. Jon and I watch an episode of Jeopardy. I maintain steady answers, including one about Lake Titicaca, and I nail the final Jeopardy question. My husband comments how I really should go on the show to compete. I smile. Dinner cleanup is fast.

At 8 PM we watch a drama together clutching our teas and nibbling on a few cookies. The show is something funny, but also dark and captivating – a witty English crime series we both love and can’t get enough of. Afterward, I put on an excellent face mask and soak in the bath full of bubbles. Then I sit in bed and read a new romance novel from my favorite author that’s just come out. I was the first to snag it at the library!

I remind myself to go to sleep at 10:30 PM, we are leaving on a road trip the day after next, and we’ll have to pack and run errands throughout the day. I think about squeezing in brunch and a coffee from our favorite place before we pack. I snuggle under the comforters, close my eyes, and fall asleep without any effort. I’m so happy because I can wake up tomorrow and experience another perfect day!

Thanks for reading about my perfect day! Now that I read through it, it’s clear that the simple stuff is what makes me happy. What does your ideal work day look like? Share with me in the comments below.

She's So Bright - Today is the Perfect Day

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