Vintage Shops in NYC and the Future of Roadtrips

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She's So Bright - 6 Links to Brighten Your Week. My Name is Yeh, Rose Cake, Vintage Stores in New York City, Why You Need to Waste Time, What a Road Trip looks like in 2030, Glossier's new Lash Slick, English Country House Hotels.

It’s hot and humid like crazy, but these fascinating links have got me feeling incredibly motivated to take on August in style. From vintage stores to dreamy vacations far away, I am all set to get my end-of-summer groove back. Let’s get on with this awesome list!

1. My favorite baking blog has dished out another fabulous recipe: Citrus Rose Thyme Loaf Cake.

2. A list of incredible vintage stores in New York City, as dictated by a dedicated vintage shopper.

3. If you only read one article, let it be this one on the psychological importance of wasting time.

4. A future-forward piece on what road trips will look like in 2030.

5. Had anyone tried Glossier’s newest product, Lash Slick? It sounds like it might be my new favorite thing for fall!

6. This article has me packing my back for a month in the English countryside.

I’ll eat rose flavored anything, so while I’m supposed to be keeping my health on track, I may have to whip up a loaf of that beautiful cake to savor after a workout. And you know how much I adore wasting time (though I like to call it daydreaming), so it’s no wonder I’m promoting a little bit of relaxation on today’s blog. We all do too much, so my mantra is to do a little less but with meaning. I think that’s why the English countryside appeals to me so much – it’s the perfect place to do less, but have it seem so monumental. Doesn’t that just sound wonderful?

And so, I hope you have a ridiculously productive day, and it still counts if you only end up wasting time!

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