101 Simple Salads, Incredible Embroidery and Dapples

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Is it just me or has it been raining all of the time? So much so I’m worried my plants are drowning outside. And while I do enjoy the occasional lightning storm, this weekend found me ankle deep in rainwater at near-midnight, carrying an umbrella, flashlight, and rake (#notenoughhands) while unclogging a drain at the bottom of the driveway. You may ask why I might have been spending my weekend sloshing around a flooded sewer – believe me, I asked myself the same thing – but it was to prevent a river cascading into our neighbor’s topographically inferior living room. Aside from being a fantastic neighbor, I also spent the weekend learning new things, which turned out to be a pleasant break from last week’s workaholic vibes. And so, despite raindrops that keep falling on my head, I’m starting the week feeling refreshed and happy.

With a few of these picks, I hope you find yourself in the same boat…or lifeboat depending on how flooded your street has been!

1. This Instagram account is literally hardcore decor.

2. A sisterly duo whose embroidery “fuses chaos with clarity” to make magically satisfying textures.

3. You’d be the chicest chick on the shore with one of these swoon-worthy beach umbrellas!

4. Does renaming our flaws take away their power?

5. 101 Simple Salads will make you feel like you really could eat salads forever.

6. A few tips on how to layout a gallery wall!

As usual, I’ve infused this list with some aspirational, but also quite practical, links to help you battle through your week. Because sometimes the only thing you need to feel productive is a big, colorful gallery wall, a delicious salad, and renaming your cellulite to “dapples.”

Have a great one!

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