13 Films to Watch During the Dog Days of Summer

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She's So Bright - 13 Films to Watch During the Dog Days of Summer, Camille Styles
A backyard movie night sounds like a perfect end to the summer. Image copyright Camille Styles.

As August starts to fizzle out, it’s the time of year that makes me think of great summer films, films that capture the sweaty, hot feeling that we all know and love (at least for a little while, anyway!). So I thought it’d be fun to put together a collection of movies that are giving me all the end of summer feelings!

Here are my classic picks:


The original blockbuster movie! Jaws didn’t always excite me, but over the years as I’ve watched it over and over again, it has become a classic for me (it was certainly my favorite ride at Universal Studios for many years!).

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A Good Year

What can I say about this Ridley Scott film? It is my favorite movie, inspired the dance to my wedding (The Wedding Samba), and always makes me want to move to France’s Provence region every time I watch it. The story is about a hardened broker (played by Russell Crowe), who reconnects with his happy childhood in the south of France after the death of his Uncle. If you haven’t seen it, stop what you’re doing and watch it now because it will change your life.

Rent it here!

Dirty Dancing

A summer spent dancing with Patrick Swayze could never be topped. From the music to the country club vibes, this romantic film is an absolute classic.

Better start watching here on Amazon Prime because it won’t be available after August 30th!

Troop Beverly Hills

Such a funny premise about a troop of scouts that come from the super privileged streets of Beverly Hills. I haven’t seen this movie in SO long, but it was a childhood favorite of mine, particularly the scene where they’re selling cookies on Rodeo Drive!

Rent it here!

The Endless Summer

A 1960’s classic documentary about finding the perfect wave. A simple, summer time warp!

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To Catch A Thief

What’s more summery than winding around the cliffs of Monaco with Grace Kelly and Cary Grant? One of the most stylish Hitchcock films your sure to enjoy.

Rent it here!

What About Bob?

This movie is so funny. It’s about an obsessive psychiatry patient that becomes enamored with his therapist. I’ve got to say that Jon has a little bit of Dr. Leo Marvin in him!

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Swimming Pool

A creepy thriller about a famous English writer who takes a break in the French countryside. Such a great, lesser-known film!

Watch it here!


A summer spent working at a small theme park may sound like a drag, but this movie certainly is not. Funny and surprisingly delightful.

Available on Netflix here!

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

I love this movie. It’s got all the wackiness of Wes Anderson, all the charm of Bill Murray and the more times you watch it, the more hilarious it becomes.

Rent it here!

National Lampoon’s Vacation

Clark Griswold, a fumbling family man, takes his family on the road to the famous amusement park Wally World. What could possibly go wrong?

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The Parent Trap

A camp movie about twins who meet each other for the first time and then switch places when they get home. Lindsay Lohan is actually quite endearing as the lead!

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Stand By Me

The story of four boys who leave town in search of a dead body on the railroad tracks, only to see their friendships tested in different ways. My first crush, River Phoenix, stars in this film, along with a few other actors you may recognize as kids!

Rent it here!

Let’s have a toast to summer the proper way, and say goodbye with these fantastic films. Now, I’ve got to go watch Dirty Dancing!!

What are your favorite summer movies? Share with me in the comments below!

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