Atmospheric Neon, Bold Hats, and Who’s Mr. Rogers?

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Atmospheric Neon and Who’s Playing Mr. Rogers - She's So Bright, 6 Links to Brighten Your Week!

I’m still traveling, so it seems I’ve sort of gotten the hang of blogging and being on the go…at least for now anyway. So, it’s another Monday, and you need a hit of happiness and good feelings? Well, I’ve got some for you, and they’re all below!

1. I love the attitude and flair behind Gigi Burris’s stylish hats.

2. The fading neons of Hong Kong.

3. How to blow-dry your hair properly. (I needed this desperately last week when my hair got knotted into my hairbrush – true story)

4. This Instagram account shares hilarious interactions between celebrities.

5. My sister’s balloon telescope high up in the atmosphere!

6. Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers makes me seriously happy.

While I ponder whether or not I’ll be one of those old women who wear ridiculous hats in 30 years, I’m sad to hear that Hong Kong is losing some of their neon culture. I’m a little obsessed with neon signs, and though I haven’t taken as many pictures of them as I like (it’s kinda hard with the settings), I’m working on capturing some of those geometric shapes and bright colors that look so good at night. There are many here in Jackson Hole as a matter of fact!

Also, I had to share that incredible image of my sister’s balloon telescope! The project launched last weekend and it was wondrous to see her hard work float into the upper atmosphere. I still can’t believe she made something and sent it into space – words cannot express how proud I am of her and all she’s achieved. I will always look at that photo with happiness and awe!

So here’s to starting the week a little bit awestruck and bursting with love. I hope you make it a great one!

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