Subway Melodies, Sculpted Paper Flowers and a Gold Star Calendar

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Subway Melodies, Sculpted Paper Flowers and a Gold Star Calendar - She's So Bright, 6 Links to Brighten Your Week, Entertainment, Fun, Upbeat Stories, Positive Links, Motivation

I may be back from Japan, but my body is still fighting jet lag after being on literally the other side of the world. It was kind of a strange idea to get my mind around – being further from home than I’ve ever been, but somehow not as odd as composing a song for a train station – just one of the upbeat stories in this edition of 6 Links to Brighten Your Week. These past few days I’ve needed my own happy motivation to get back into the work groove, so if you’re in the same boat after a belly full of Turkey leftovers, take a peek at all the uplifting links below!

1. Beautiful nail art inspired by Chanel and the minimalism of clear polish.

2. Check out Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen colorful paper sculptures!

3. I’m pretty sure legos can fix anything, as this artist has proven.

4. A calendar to help achieve your goals made by Simone Giertz, the brilliant (and hilarious) engineer who designs robots.

5. The composed music at each train station around Tokyo was just one of the things I loved about Japan.

6. What happens when you write daily thank you notes.

Jon and I took the subways to get everywhere in Tokyo, and my favorite stop was Shibuya, whose station jingle always made me throw my fist into the air and declare we had “leveled up.” I’ve never felt so good after a train ride! And I’ve also never been as excited for a digital calendar as that circuit board one. Maybe if I’m a good blogger this Christmas, internet Santa will send me the gold star gift I so desperately need to stay on track!

Is it too early to start thinking about the New Year? I hope so, because I’ll save the goal making for a different month, and for now, settle into scrolling through travel photos while basking in the glow of a warm fire. Hope some of these links have made your week a little brighter, cheerio!

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