A Scandalous Dress, Green DIYS, and The World’s Most Colorful Places

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A Scandalous Dress, Green DIYS, and Colorful Places - She's So Bright, 6 Links to Brighten Your Week, Links, Entertainment, Fun

It may be spring, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way yet. It was my birthday the other week, and I always go through the same emotions each year: annoyance, impatience, and then resignation. I have a definitive spring birthday, two whole days after the season is declared, however, it never quite is spring by the time I am blowing out my candles. Though this year I can sense the weather changing as quickly as a drop in barometric pressure, I still find myself spying for signs of tiny buds on tree branches and the vibrant yellows of early daffodils piercing the ground. To my delight, I see indications that spring will be delivered to us soon, but I am still doing my best to hurry it along. Which is why I’ve put together this particular grouping of 6 Links, all centered around this glorious growing season. I’m inspired to plant in my garden, plan trips to new horizons, and to enjoy the sunshine every single day. So hopefully these links will make you feel just as excited to join me in celebrating Spring! Check them all out below.

1. This excellent article about the travel guru Rick Steves will make you giggle and ache for a springtime visit to Europe!

2. A couple of fun DIYs to fill your home with plants.

3. Enjoy these spectacular conservatories – I love them so!

4. Feast your eyes on this collection of the most colorful places in the world.

5. How delicious does this Chaat Masala salad look?

6. The cotton dress Marie Antoinette wore in this portrait was a big scandal and this episode of A Stitch in Time shares all the juicy details, along with how the garment was made. It’s all fascinating!

I feel so lucky to have visited a few of those colorful places, several of them in Japan alone. And I’ll never be sick of hearing about Marie Antoinette, the romanticized French queen whose tastes I so greatly admire. And yes, that salad will be making a regular appearance on my plate once the weather is warm. So here’s to spring, plants and all the wonderful beauty that is ahead of us!

May you have a wonderful week!

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