Life as of Late

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One of my climbing roses, blooming to perfection! I waited a whole year for this moment.

You’ve probably noticed how little I’ve been posting lately, and it’s not because I’ve given up on this blog. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, I’ve gone further into my writing. Readers who follow me on Instagram know what I mean: I’m writing a book! My first book. It is, of course, a romance and I’m more than halfway through my first draft, but it’s taken quite a bit of time away from my writing here. And though I haven’t been writing on She’s So Bright as often, I have enjoyed the writing so much more when I complete a post and edit photos. Last year when I was furiously posting and writing, I had moved onto the next thing before fully appreciating the work that I was putting into it.

So it’s no surprise I burned out.

But I didn’t burn out so much as I paid the price. After a year of running low, in January, I had an unfavorable health diagnosis that sent me into a little funk. And now I’m crawling out of it, nearly standing upright again to do all the things I’ve dreamed of with unfettered brazenness. Facing adverse conditions is hard, but when you get back up, you feel like you are a warrior on a mountaintop. And boy do I feel a little like Hercules on Mount Olympus.

My book has already brought me so much joy, so much to be excited for, and while I’m partly overwhelmed by the intensity of the path forward, I know it will be all worth it. Yes, it’s a romance that takes place in France (was there any question on that subject?), but it’s opened up a whole other door into my creative brain. Shaking the cobwebs from the synapses I thought were blocked for many years, I’m looking forward to all the research I have ahead of me. And I know it will be tough, some days writing already are, but I see the exciting light, am getting new ideas, and most importantly, I believe in myself.

I guess I came here to say that. Lately, I believe in myself. Like Circe, the exiled witch of Greek mythology, I’ve un-shrouded myself from my hiding place, and am sharing more of the things I love and enjoy, unashamed. Things like romance novels, and hats, and gardens, and travel — all the stuff that gets my heart pumped to write and learn about. I’m feeding my passions, soaking in the juicy thrill they give me to go on.

The summer has been quiet, but my imagination has been the loudest companion to me. I sit out on the patio, look at my potato vines swaying against the stone wall, and dive into other worlds. Seems like a pretty great way to spend my time, don’t you think?

How has your summer been going? Share with me in the comments below!

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