The Biltmore Estate Up Close & Floral

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Sweethearts (2019)

Two weeks ago, we took an autumn drive to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I thought the trip would be pretty quiet for me. I’d write in the hotels, enjoy the food, and sleep-in while Jon headed out early to photograph the landscape and the elk. But it turns out, I found a place of my own in Asheville on our last day. Among the vibrant fall colors and misty trees, there it was: The Biltmore.

Built by the grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt, the sprawling mansion was a delight to explore. We walked the grounds, peeked about the rooms, admired the splendor, and listened to an audio guide the whole way through. Giant mansions are always a delight for me, particularly when I can nose around corridors and hidden spaces, but in this case, the gardens and the large, labyrinthine conservatory were my haven. Jon had to wait as I got lost among the rows of roses, cascading hot-house orchids, and towering palms. I photographed my heart out in those gardens. And I’m very excited to share the photographs I took below.

Enjoy this little collection of flora and fauna from my visit to The Biltmore!

Catching The Light (2019)
Buttercup (2019)
Tunnel of Green (2019)
Let The Light In (2019)
Steamy (2019)
Leaves Of Roses (2019)
Maleficent (2019)
Overlapping (2019)
Bound Up In Bloom (2019)
The Lean (2019)
Standing At Attention (2019)
Moss Eye (2019)
Kiss Me! (2019)
Let Your Hair Down (2019)
Wrapped Up Tight In You (2019)
Scarlet Lining (2019)
Solids & Spots (2019)
The Classic Red (2019)
Four Feathers (2019)
Sweat (2019)
Rippling (2019)
Jagged & Straight (2019)
Torn (2019)
Cutie Pie (2019)

We didn’t bring our macro lens, otherwise, I’d probably have taken three times as many photos. I hope you enjoyed this little botanical escape!

Do you like to take photographs of plants? Which one of my photos did you like the best? I think “Torn”, “Rippling”, and “Solids & Spots” are my favorites.

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