Broken Foot Flowers

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A Bouquet Of Pink (2020)

There’s only one good thing that ever comes out of breaking your foot, and that thing is flowers. Gorgeous bouquets appear at your door and greet you with breathtaking beauty. Meanwhile, you slouch unattractively in your sickbed, unable to walk or shower without the assistance of crutches. The silver lining to the break was being greeted with blooms. It perked me up, kept me inspired, and made me feel truly loved.

It’s been a few weeks since my surgery (I’m healing quickly), and once I was off the heavy pain meds, I found the time to play around with my camera. Most of these photographs were taken using a new technique called focus stacking, where a few dozen pictures with various focusing points are layered into one picture. It’s more work than usual, especially compiling the images, but the result is a dynamic picture that pushes beyond the ability of a single photograph.

These photographs are dedicated to the generous friends who gifted me with these botanical gems. Thanks for your love, and enjoy these new flower photographs!

Candied Rose (2020)
Puffs In Perspective (2020)
Patterned Petals (2020)
The Tulip Bites (2020)
Bouquet Textures (2020)
Luscious Lily (2020)
Freckles (2020)
Cotton-Candy Swirl (2020)

At least something beautiful has come out of my broken foot!

Have you ever received flowers after an illness? What was the most memorable gift you have gotten when sick? Share with me in the comments below!

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