A Look Back At Japan

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Fall At A Shrine (2018)

I have been so lucky to have the opportunity to travel a lot each year. From California to Colorado, France to Iceland I’ve seen some of the amazing beauty our world has to offer. And though Covid has put the wheels down on my travel dreams, I’m allowing myself to reminisce and pack my bags for a bit of a wander back in time.

Which is why I’m sharing photos from Japan today.

Street View of Kyoto (2018)

Whenever I travel, my heart is open to new experiences and tastes, but most of all, I get hungry for the views. Views of the people, views of history and culture, and views of nature. This is what I think these pictures really are about. Views I found. Things that stood out to me. These photographs capture moments in time in one of the most unique places I’ve ever been. They don’t fit into a “bloggy” subject like this post, or this one did. Rather, they were the remainders of a trip well taken — where photographs don’t always fit into boxes other than “it made me look.”

Japan is a place full of textures and colors. Nearly everywhere you look are vignettes made for your visual pleasure. It’s not a place of happy accidents. Rather, it’s a place of taste, beauty, and artistry, woven into everything from markets to museums, gardens and doorways.

So here they are, pictures from another fall, an earlier year, and an easier time. I hope they help you escape a little from your day to day!

Follow The Signs (2018)
Don’t Be Koi (2018)
Moment of Reflection (2018)
The Bamboo Club (2018)
Pottery People (2018)
Café Me (2018)
Beauty of the Book (2018)
Monastery Courtyard (2018)
All Dolled Up (2018)
Pomegranate in the Wild (2018)
Balanced Lines (2018)
Scene From A Koi Pond (2018)
Passing On By (2018)
Rough Waters (2018)
Misty Onsen Treetops (2018)
Flickers (2018)
Never Enough Buckets (2018)
The Old Man and the Tea (2018)
Fall Leaves and Moss (2018)
Kyoto Way (2018)
Yuzu Citrus (2018)
Forgotten Faucet (2018)
Three Fruits (2018)
Your Quest Begins Here (2018)
Everyone Has A Story (2018)
Fall Scene in Kyoto with Duck (2018)
The Bridge and I (2018)
Zen Doorway (2018)
Rough Waters with Duck (2018)
Traditional Farmhouse (2018)
Samurai Armor (2018)
Immaculate Landscape (2018)
Shrine Doors (2018)
Futuristic Coffee Bar (2018)
Four Eaves (2018)
Four Eaves (2018)
Autumn Hug (2018)
The Suit (2018)
Quiet Corner (2018)
Quiet Corner (2018)
Don’t Leaf Me (2018)
Tokonoma Tables (2018)
Koi Crossing (2018)
Buckets, Baskets and Bowls (2018)
Shrine Visit (2018)
Shrine Visit (2018)
Autumn Sapling (2018)
Off-Center Balance (2018)
A Link To The Past (2018)
Coffee Talk (2018)
Night Glow of Kyoto (2018)
Silly Me (2018)
Silly Me (2018)

These images have certainly brought me back to the wonderful place that is Japan! Which one do you like most?

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