A Bouquet Of Floral Moonshine

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Colorful Ladies (2021)

When I encountered Flora Moon Flowers it was love at first sight. There are many uber-talented florists and flower arrangers that run the gamut of traditional to modern (with everything in between) but it is rare to find someone whose work is simply beyond the norm. I love many florists and arrangements (except for plain red roses, blarggg), but I thought I had seen everything my neighborhood had to offer until I found Flora Moon.

Whimsical, unexpected, and full of life — this is how I would describe a bouquet by Lauren Monaco, the owner of the one-woman floral design company Flora Moon Flowers. I am incredibly picky about colors, notoriously finicky on flower types, but I bow down to her talent. Her quirky bouquets are so curated that the idea of changing a thing, or rendering my opinion, would destroy the quality that makes them so special. So instead, I ordered myself one of her bouquets to see them in person. It turns out, they are extraordinary and then I couldn’t help but photograph the flowers within!

It’s an exciting thing, photographing bouquets. In some ways, I don’t feel like it’s my work because I didn’t choose the flowers. But I like to arrange, move, and accentuate the floral designer’s effort. I want to imagine I’m capturing their work and then, through my lens, making it my own. It also helps when the bouquet is filled with stunning flowers at the peak of bloom.

So, I will think of this as a series of photos both in collaboration and homage to Flora Moon. I hope these photographs excite you as much as they do me and that they do justice to the fantastic choice and variety of blooms in this bouquet.

You can find these prints available for purchase on my website and bring their beauty right into your home. I’ve also just added new sizes, wood and metal frames, and a whole new way to experience my photographs. Scroll through and tell me which one is your favorite in the comments!

Pink Bouquet (2021)
Ray Of Light (2021)
Shy Bombshell (2021)
She’s A Star (2021)

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