Spring Cleaning Out My Closets

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She's So Bright - Spring Cleaning Out My Closet
Open closets make finding things a breeze! Unfortunately for me, all my closets have doors. Image by Lark & Linen.

There is currently a giant pile of clothes atop every surface of my bedroom. Winter jackets laying on spring dresses, shoes in boxes piled up on the floor, and all my winter items from Iceland – some of which were purpose bought for that trip – have nowhere to live. I’ve got a serious spring cleaning agenda and I better start soon!

My bedroom closet is cozy and cute, and while I dream about everything fitting neatly in it, there’s absolutely no way I’d be able to squish even all my jackets in there. My studio closet is being used for camera gear and blog props, so that’s a definite no go for clothing storage. But I have a closet in my office, full of paper items from my greeting card business, and I’ve got my eye on turning it into an overflow closet. In fact, I’ve recently decided to just do it! It’s the perfect place to hold many items I wear on the blog, interesting pieces that have lately been my favorites, or accessories I don’t want to lose in my closet, like bags and sunglasses.

I’ve also decided to get clever with my storage and utilize other parts of the apartment to put things I need less. I’m going to organize all my clothes by seasons, so bye-bye winter boots and hello only things I can wear now. One of my sisters had a revolving closet like that growing up. She had so many tall boots in the winter, she would use my other sister’s closet who was away at college. She could always see what she had, and never had sandals and flip-flops cluttering her closet floor in the dead of winter. I’m going to miss seeing certain sweaters I love, but frankly they’ll be better off stored in a sealed container that keeps them fresh for the fall. I’ll still keep a few around for cooler days, but the heavy stuff has to go.

And then, there’s the purge. The yearly donating of all the things I recently don’t like or stopped wearing. This is one of my favorite things to do when reorganizing. It’s so cathartic, like a clothing fresh start with new goals and aspirations. You can be anyone now that you no longer lug around that old purse that you didn’t really love! It’s a nice feeling, and while I always lament getting rid of things I paid money for, I never just throw them away. I give to friends, family members, or donate to organizations so that the good clothes can be used by someone. Unless they have holes in them, which is usually the case with the thin tees I like to sleep in (I sort of like the holes, so I usually keep those anyway!).

It’s a little daunting to start, considering the size of that pile I mentioned earlier, but I think the only way to see the bottom will be to start somewhere in the middle, make a huge mess, and get it sorted into clean, organized spaces. It’ll take a few days, but I think my closets will thank me in the end – and so will Jon since he wont have to keep moving jackets off the bed!

Do you have any plans for spring cleaning your home this year?

Photo by Lark & Linen via.

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