6 Links to Brighten Your Week

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She's So Bright - 6 Links to Brighten Your Week Summer's Begun

This week’s edition has some major vintage feels: soft colors, old-fashioned style, and music that makes my heart ache for the 90’s.

1. The lovely pastels of this photographer’s Instagram are simply perfect.

2. Beth Ditto’s originality and spunk makes me say “who’s that girl?”

3. Baby-faced soldiers in Vietnam finding out they’ll be heading home.

4. Mont Saint-Michel in all its glory.

5. A trip to the market never looked so delicious.

6. Starting the summer means long car rides with your best friend and singing along to One Headlight.

Now that you are obviously humming The Wallflowers, start smiling and enjoy your week because school’s out and summer has officially begun!

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