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She's So Bright - The Lovely Mess on Eva's Desk August 2017

This week I’m sharing everything from skincare products I’m using, to a few summer books I’ve read.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask – This is one of my favorite anti-inflammatory face masks! I try to use it every other week, or when my skin is looking red and tired. Because of the bright yellow hue and the chunky seeds, the appearance of the mask is hardly attractive (you look a little jaundiced when it’s on), but my skin is always brighter and more even after use.

2. The Shoemaker’s Wife – Browsing through Amazon, I came upon the extremely popular and highly reviewed author Adriana Trigiani and chose the novel, quite literally, by its cover. This love story follows two Italian youths from their small Alpine village to the bustling immigration capital of New York City, where they try to “make it”. Heavily influenced by the author’s own family history, Trigiani researched pre and post war Italy, the life of Italian immigrants in America, and mined her Grandmother’s diaries for accurate accounts. I will definitely be reading another book by this author before the summer is out!

3. The Tea Planter’s Wife – Obviously there was a theme to my book choices, so I couldn’t resist making a pair out of the novels titles! Set in the 1920’s on the island of Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, a wife travels alone from England to live with her new husband on his plantation. Full of colorful descriptions, a touch of mystery, and a plot that felt like a BBC mini-series, I couldn’t put it down.

4. My Norman Rockwell “Spring” Card Deck – Found in a Rhode Island Goodwill, I’ve had this complete deck since college. I love the girl and boy on the front of the cards, the vintage color to the images, and the way the worn out cards feel in my hands. Now I feel like playing a round of Gin Rummy!

5. Bembien Lily Bag – Round straw purses have been all the rage this summer, but as they’re really not my style, I decided to give a different bag a try. Handmade anywhere from Bali to Morocco, and Vietnam, Bembien bags are beautiful in their simple design and shapes (though it’s not surprising given the founder is a former Vogue employee). The company aims to promote the cultures of these incredible international weaving communities and has exceptionally fast customer service. Will definitely visit their online shop again!

6. Manuka Honey Adhesive Strips – Have you heard of Manuka honey? It originates from Australia and New Zealand and its antibacterial properties are effective in treating small cuts and burns. When a malignant piece of cooked chicken fat recently gave my wrist a second degree burn, I found myself in the pharmacy looking for a good solution. An alternative to creams, these patches were incredibly useful to keep the burn covered and healing. From now on I’ll be keeping a box in the kitchen!

7. Lancer Sheer Fluid Sun Shield – One of the sunscreens I’ve been trying after all my research for this post. The super fluid SPF 30 is easy to spread on the face and the light formula has kept my little pores happy.

8. Livret de Famille – When I received this tall, green leather document recently, I burst into tears. After a few paperwork shuffles and birth certificate requests, Jon and I submitted the application to have our marriage recognized by France. My Livret de Famille – or family book – means I have an official French family and can soon become a citizen myself. Dreams really do come true!

9. Les Anis de Flavigny – I picked up these rose flavored candies in the gorgeous Santa Fe shop Todos Santos Chocolates & Confections. Each candy contains an aniseed in its center and is apparently made in the same village the movie Chocolat was filmed in. If I had known that, I would have bought two!

10. Kiehl’s Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask – This lightweight, hydrating gel mask is one of the Kiehl’s newest products. I snagged a small sample and have been loving the cooling sensation of the aloe ever since.

And there you have it! I am currently on the French Riviera with my little Bembein bag, a few new books, and am relying on that Lancer sunscreen like crazy. Now pardonnez-moi, it’s time to hit the pool!

Do you have any fun things sitting on your desk? Share with my readers in the comments below!

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