It’s The Little Things, Like Eye Masks

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She's So Bright - Find Happiness in the Little Things, Like Eye Masks

We’re all battling some kind of beauty beast from time to time, whether it’s dry skin, flat hair, or the need for a whole new look. But my Grendel has been around since I came of age: dark under-eyes. Not baggy, or wrinkly, just dark. The skin there is pretty thin, and of course, it’s mostly genetic, but it is the war I have been trying to win since I was a 12-year-old stealing my Mom’s ill-suited, Bobby Brown concealer stick. Night creams have helped big time over the past few years, and I’ve enlisted other resources to try, but lately I rely on these Sephora eye masks to give me a little refresh once every two weeks.

I bought them a while back, on impulse, like a kid grabbing a piece of candy at the checkout counter. For whatever reason I’m never big on the store brand version of things, but they seemed convenient. Also they came in rose, so combined with their cute semi-circle pouch, it was pretty much guaranteed that I would buy two.

Over the years I’ve used some really high quality products, and I can tell you that for five dollars each, these little packs make my under-eyes look brighter, smoother, and like I’ve gotten several days worth of sleep. It’s kind of incredible. They also don’t go away over night, but keep your skin looking peachy for a few days.

My favorite for moisturizing is the Rose, Pearl is great for brightening (though perpetually sold out), and Green Tea makes me look refreshed and bright-eyed. While my crusade to vanquish dark circles will likely never end, I can at least take a day or two off with these little gems!

I like to order a bunch, individually, but if you’d like to try a couple or give a few as a gift, Sephora makes this cute gift set with a collection of their different types of masks. I bought it for myself and plan to spend one long Sunday wearing head to toe masks. I picked out a few of my favorites below! Do you have a favorite face mask that makes you feel great?

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