Why I Started Washing My Hair Upside Down

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She's So Bright - Genius Beauty Tip #1: Why I Started Washing My Hair Upside Down
Liz Taylor sure knows how to suds up!

The post-holiday rejuvenation was necessary for me. Between long hours of travel, inconsistent sleep, a bronchial infection, and a “holiday diet” (aka more sugar and junk than I’ve seen all year), I have never needed to recover from a vacation more. But once I got myself back together – slept in, beat back the cold, etc – I found that my hair was still left looking pretty sad.

Over the past few months, I’ve started washing my hair less and less, which has helped my fine hair feel a little more healthy and strong. I also use phosphate-free shampoo, which has made the transition even easier given that my natural oils are finding a nice balance. But last week, after a washing the same day, I found the back of my newly blowdried hair looking stringing and clumped. And after weeks of hairspray, serums and all the fixings that go into holiday hair, a scratch of my nail revealed the unhappy residue at the base of my skull.

In a burst of enthusiasm, I hopped into the shower determined to fix the back of my hair and hung my head upside down as I deeply lathered the back of my scalp, all the way to my roots. Think about it: How many times have you actually washed the back of your head? Intentionally? For me, it was never – I didn’t even think it was necessary given my fine hair, surely that shampoo would work its way around the whole skull? But as soon as I dried my hair, it was a revelation! My hair felt baby soft, shiny, and healthy – with no build up of oils or products around the back of my neck. My hair literally felt new!

So after a few upside down showers, I thought I’d share this tip: when you’re in the shower, take a few minutes to flip your hair upside down and work a dollop of shampoo into the back of your scalp. It’ll do your hair wonders!

Do you have any other tips for washing your hair? Let me know if you see any difference to your locks! Just be sure not to fall in the shower! 😉

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