The Lovely Mess Upon My Desk

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She's So Bright - The Lovely Mess Upon My Desk

It’s been a little while since I did a desk post, so I decided that it was time to share some of my favorite things for spring! Check them out below!

Clockwise from top:

1. The North Face Catalogs – I don’t buy many things from The North Face, as lately I’ve been opting for Mountain Hardware’s lighter gear, but that doesn’t mean I don’t find their catalogs absolutely inspiring! The photo on the left is of ski mountaineer, Hillaree O’Neill making the first American ascent of a new route up the “Peak of Evil,” also known as Papsura. Oh, and if you didn’t notice the skis on her back, well she skis all the way down too! That image is so incredible that my jaw dropped when I first saw it. Who would/could do that!? On the right is Margo Hayes, an incredible, record-breaking climber. She also has cute braids! The whole catalog on the right is about four remarkable women athletes, along with The North Face’s latest products. Click here to read more about these ladies!

2. MMXV Infinitude – A brand new skincare line, their flagship cream is exceptional. I usually have a hard time with heavier, moisturizing formulas like La Mer, but my skin absolutely loves Infinitude. I use it whenever my skin needs a little soothing or hydrating, and I love wearing it when I’m around the house as an all-day masque.

3. Sephora Nose Strip – I LOVE a good nose strip. In some ways, I think I should have been an esthetician for how much I enjoy purging and taking care of skin, so I’m looking to try out these nose strips to see if they really work!

4. Sephora Nose Mask – And after I’ve cleansed my nose of impurities, I’m looking forward to giving this pineapple mask a try. I had no idea they made little masks just for your nose!

5. Tile Style – My husband surprised me with this small device for my keychain that syncs with my phone to keep track of my keys! They just released this chic style that works for all the gold on my keychain. What I also love about this product is that when you can’t find your phone, you can double tap the logo and it will make it ring wherever it might be. I’ve already used that feature twice to find my phone in a pinch!

6. Sézane x Delfonics Pouch – Remember this shirt? Well, I picked up a little pouch designed with the same bathing beauties watercolor. I’m filling this up with all my travel essentials for when we head out for the day. So cute!

7. Farmacy Honey Butter Lip Balm – I think I’ve found my holy grail of lip balms! Not only is this company making farm-fresh skincare in Upstate New York, but their beeswax chapstick also makes my lips super hydrated and pillowy soft. It also tastes like hints of honey!

8. Tile Slim – Another gift from Jon (guess he was on a Tile binge!), this slim device goes into my wallet. It’s nice to have a little peace of mind, knowing where your things are!

And there you have it, a few of my favorite items sitting on my desk! What kinds of things do you have on yours?

Share some of your favorite things sitting on your desk in the comments below! And to see more Lovely Messes, click here!

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