Face Masks Aplenty

Face Masks Aplenty - She's So Bright, Beauty, Face Mask, Japan, Japanese Skincare

You didn’t think I’d travel halfway around the world and not bring back a zillion beauty products, did you? The moment we picked up our bags at the airport and headed for our hotel, I already …

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Coming up Roses

She's So Bright - Coming Up Roses

I have a thing with roses… But it’s not what you think! Funny enough, I can’t stand the classic red rose in a bouquet. Jon knows well enough to alert the florist when requesting an arrangement …

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Thoughts for the Weekend

She's So Bright - Thoughts for the Weekend, May 4, 2018

Welp! It looks like we’ve gone straight from spring to summer as I’m practically melting while I sit here typing this. For some reason our office is the hottest room in our apartment even with the …

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The Lovely Mess Upon My Desk

She's So Bright - The Lovely Mess Upon My Desk Jan. 2018

Well, it’s post-holidays in real life, but the reality is that my desk is still covered with a collection of my favorite things from Christmas! From gifts to cards, and everything in between here’s what’s hanging …

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The Anatomy of a Custom Hat

She's So Bright - The Anatomy of a Custom Hat

I suppose it’s only natural that when one becomes obsessed with something like a hat, you’ll want to eventually have one made to your exact specifications. Well, let me introduce to you my new baby – …

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Dreaming in Velvet

While you may run the risk of matching your Granny’s drapes, the fall fashion trend I am most excited about this season is the overwhelming number of velvet shoes! I never considered the material a wearable …

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