Can You Dig These Groovy Fashion Picks?

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Can You Dig These Groovy Fashion Picks? - She's So Bright, Style, Fall Picks, Collection, Style, Trends, Vintage

Now, I honestly didn’t know I was in a vintage mood this fall until I started doing some autumn shopping. It turns out that the trends I’m leaning into are all fabulously 70’s, with bellbottoms, tall boots, floppy hats, and plaids from another era. Separately, they’re all versatile. Collectively they’re the wardrobe department from Love Story and Taxi Driver. And ain’t that just groovy baby?

Take a look below at my favorite trends for fall!

1. Corduroy Pants – I haven’t worn corduroy in a long time, but this is the year where I break that pattern. I’m loving all the colors and separates this fabric is coming in, from jumpsuits to short skirts and blazers, but it’s these groovy pants I’m gravitating towards.

2. Colored Hats – I’ve maxed out the neutral colors in my hat collection, so now I’m looking for pops of bright pigments to really make my wardrobe shine. This Janessa Leone hat is the best I’ve seen from this season.

3. Bellbottoms – I used to have this great pair of bells when I was just out of college, and I loved the way they made me feel. While these pants are selling out everywhere, I’m determined to find something similarly retro and fabulous for fall!

4. Suede Backpack – Mini backpacks have been all the rage for a while now, but I haven’t found any I quite like. That all changed with Baggu’s recent styles. And there are a few other little bags I’ve got my eyes on.

5. Classic Trenchcoat – I finally picked up this neutral Burberry trench after having my black one for so long. They are a staple for a variety of weather, and I can’t wait to wear it for fall!

6. Vintage Rings – I’ve been on a vintage kick lately and am particularly hungry for old-fashioned jewels like this coral ring. I’m also hoping to find a beautiful cameo ring, like this one.

7. Houndstooth Blazer – The trends for blazers have been changing so frequently, that for a while I wasn’t sure if I should buy one. But the styles seem to have finally rested on comfortable, oversized jackets. I love this one.

8. Flowy Plaids – From silk tops to gorgeous dresses, I am ordering up a plaid storm. I love how many neutral patterns and styles there are this season, and I’ve already snagged this dress from Gal Meets Glam’s latest collection!

9. Vintage Necklaces – The classic minty color of jade is just beautiful. I love this necklace for over a white blouse or paired with a fancy silk top.

10. Tall Boots – I’m hunting for the perfect tall boots, and I hope these are the ones. But I’m also keeping an eye out for equestrian style boots to replace my beloved flat boots that have seen better days.

11. Car Coats – I love wool and felt coats like this one. They’re easy to wear (mainly you just throw it on!), and they’re perfect for layering. Wear it with just a tee or pile on a sweater – it’ll always look great!

12. Feminine Tops – Sometimes I want to dress up a little without putting too much effort. Cue the flirty top like this one. They’re perfect for looking chic without all the fuss.

And there you have it, rad picks, for a righteous fall!

What are you shopping for this season? Also, I found this hilarious website of 1970’s slang, which I referenced for this psychedelic article and now have to share with you. Enjoy!

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