Would You Wear Vintage?

I’ve been obsessed with old things for most of my life. When I was 5, my mother said I would sing along to oldies she knew growing up. To her disbelief, I knew the words better …

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An Edith Head Coffee Table Book

She's So Bright - An Edith Head Coffee Table Book. Costume designers, film icons, movie, wardrobe.

From Rear Window to White Christmas, Blue Hawaii to Roman Holiday, Edith Head’s costumes have been my favorite part of old Hollywood movies. They are the second cast member in the shot and the ornamental piece …

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These Pants.

She's So Bright - Vince Pants for Summer. Style, fashion, chic pants.

I have been looking for new pants all summer long, and I nearly fell out of my seat when I saw these gorgeous, high-waisted slacks from Vince. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have …

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Duffles fit for a Weekend Excursion

She's So Bright - Duffles fit for the Weekend

Nothing makes me giddier than the idea of taking a weekend. There’s something about packing for a short trip, hopping in the car, and coasting through a Sunday in the country. And what better represents that …

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June Girl Crush: Jessie Kass

She's So Bright - June Girl Crush of the Month: Jessie Kass

I don’t have a lot of modern fashion icons, but when I think of Seams for a Desire blogger Jessie Kass, she checks all the boxes. The stylish Spanish beauty is a master of layering accessories, …

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