Desperately Seeking A PJ Set

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She's So Bright - Desperately Seeking A PJ Set, Pajamas, collection, style, shopping, shopsense, blog style.

Most of the time I’m okay with wearing literal rags to bed. As a hot sleeper I prefer the airy, breeze you only get from well worn tanks and underpants. But when I found an old Victoria Secret nightgown during an archaeological dig in my underwear drawer, I’ve been wearing that almost every night since. I’m practical, and yes, I like to use things up, but I am in desperate need of some sleep time style. So, I’ve got my eye on the classic vintage look of the pajama set!

Check out some of the PJs I’m browsing below:

1. Love Stories Arie Top & Bottoms

2. Maison du Soir Top & Bottoms

3. Olivia von Halle PJ Set

4. Roller Rabbit Surf Toile Set

5. Karen Mabon Hollywood PJ Set

6. KISSKILL Silk Short Set

7. Yumi Kim PJ Set

8. Stella McCartney Long Sleeve Set

9. Equipment Starry Night PJ Set

I’ve got my eye on #1 & #3, but which one would you pick?

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