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She's So Bright - Vince Pants for Summer. Style, fashion, chic pants.
Vince’s Belted Stripe Wide Leg Pant in Coastal Blue

I have been looking for new pants all summer long, and I nearly fell out of my seat when I saw these gorgeous, high-waisted slacks from Vince. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen two weeks ago that I split my favorite pair of summer pants while chasing my cat around the forbidden rooms of our home. I went in for the deep squat, snatched him by the belly, and RIPPPP! These comfy genie pants will surely be missed, but I appreciate the opportunity to shop for something new and these may be just the right replacement!

She's So Bright - Vince Pants for Summer. Style, fashion, chic pants.

You see, what’s been hard lately is that every store seems to be selling trendy cropped pants rather than the longer styles I prefer. I’m not short, but cropped pants make me look short and stubby, so like my Pops, I prefer the classic shapes that will never go out of style. I know this pair is well on the expensive side of the wallet, but Vince is one of the few fashion companies where I find the tailoring is just right. In this case, I’d rather trade five pairs of ill-fitting, just-alright-quality slacks for one pair of well-made pants that I wear for ten years. And these are surely a gorgeous pick!

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