Flower Picking With Blooms in Hand

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It takes only a glance at this blog to know I love flowers. So when the incredibly talented florist, Anna Coy of Blooms in Hand, invited me to one of her workshops, I jumped at the chance. Anna and I have partnered up before, most recently on my Frida Kahlo Halloween costume where she designed a magnificent floral crown that cradled my head like I was born with it. She’s also put a few bouquets together for me here and there. I love working with her for any flower occasion – be it Thanksgiving or a thoughtful bouquet — and I knew when Anna invited me to her workshop, that it would be an extraordinary event!

I didn’t know what to expect, but I was more than thrilled to arrive at Morgan’s Farm. As we drove up to the property, we were greeted by the warm sunset, dancing monarchs, and Farmer John’s exceptional food stand, nestled inside a restored barn. Not fifteen minutes from my home, the farm is a real labor of love, owned by a historical society and maintained purely on the backs of volunteers. Farmer John is a dedicated man who donates plenty of his time handcrafting wooden display cases and fashioning cutting boards for sale, while also planting and maintaining the vegetable and flower garden.

Of course, it was the flower garden I had my eye on.

The first to arrive and the last to leave, I was in awe of what grows in this relatively populated part of suburbia. Despite residential homes bordering the property and a rather tall electric tower overhead, it felt like we really were on a farm, secluded, with miles between us and everyone else. Morgan’s Farm has a lovely history: its beloved English owner became passionate about flowers in the early twentieth century. When she died in the 1960s, her son continued to tend the property, until he too passed and left it to the township. It’s a sweet story that warms the heart. I too hope to pass on my love of plants and growing to others!

But that’s just it — the hardest part! We were there actually to cut flowers, not only to look at them. As an avid grower, whose plants are multiplying by the day, I had a hard time taking my pruning shears to these cared-for blooms. Knowing how much effort and love Farmer John put into these beds made snipping the flowers a little like cutting into a vein. But he assured me it would be fine, and the plants would grow back — thicker and with more flowers next time. As I walked through the beds, I picked and chose colors that attracted me, shapes that I found beautiful, and to my surprise, I ended up with a bucket of blooms. In between photographing, of course!

All the ladies, bustling about the beds and choosing blooms!
My bucket, half full.

While others took to the rows immediately, I couldn’t help but snap away and capture all the colorful mosaics of flowers. Jon — not the farmer, but my husband — also joined me in photographing the little macro treasures he found throughout the afternoon.

Jon took this picture, and I added a little filter for the blog.

And then, once we were all done with picking through the fields, we headed to the barn to do our arranging.

There isn’t a creative activity that I don’t take seriously, so while others sipped wine and chatted to their neighbors, I was a bit of a bore and took to quietly arranging my flowers. I regret that I did not photograph my finished arrangement — It was one of the best I’ve ever made — however that seems to be the case when I’m spending all my time focusing on an actual activity. I was liberal with ferns, trying to capture the wild, romance of the event. Trust me when I tell you it was good!

I’ve got my flower game-face on…
The group with their finished arrangements on display!

Overall, it was a delightful way to spend the evening, and despite all of the attendees starting with the same goal, we built a huge variety of finished bouquets.

My favorite photo from the day!

Thank you so much to Anna for inviting me along, letting me lug my camera around, and sharing Morgan’s Farm delightful flowers with us!

Find out more about Anna, or order from Blooms in Hand here! And be sure to give her a follow on Instagram too! Have you ever attended a flower workshop? Did you enjoy it? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

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