Face Masks Aplenty

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Face Masks Aplenty - She's So Bright, Beauty, Face Mask, Japan, Japanese Skincare
I have no clue what most of these do…

You didn’t think I’d travel halfway around the world and not bring back a zillion beauty products, did you? The moment we picked up our bags at the airport and headed for our hotel, I already witnessed some of the most ethereal, translucent skin I’ve ever seen. Well, from that moment on I was determined to dip my dermis into the culture of everyday face masks and I may have gone a bit crazy at a few drug stores. But never mind my frenzied shopping, I set out with one goal for Japan, and that was to try and enjoy a variety of face masks!

I brought home everything that appealed to me, from packaging to ingredients, marketing, and colors, I didn’t discriminate. And this isn’t everything – I gave several away to my sisters too!

While I’m most excited to use the moisturizing masks in winter, I am curious about the brightening and botanical ones. They may leave my face as smooth as a baby’s bum, or they may make me break out into an itchy rash – I’ll only find out from trying! My skin is pretty tolerant, so I’m expecting happy but moderate results.

I will admit I judged a book by its cover and bought one mask for the sheer fun of it. Can you guess which one? I think it’s rather obvious!

Have you ever used face masks before? What did you think of the results?

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