Namibia from Above, and How Waking Up Early Could Change Your Life

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Namibia from Above, and How Waking Up Early Could Change Your Life - She's So Bright, 6 Links to Brighten Your Week

I’ve been a little under the weather lately. I’m not sure if it’s the post-trip blues, being in-between big projects, or simple burnout, but I have definitely been in the creative doldrums. I know that pulling a furry blanket to your chin and watching The Great Christmas Bake Off isn’t exactly productive, but it seems to be the only thing I want to do. Which is why I need this 6 Links to Brighten Your Week just as badly as anyone! Check out this week’s picks below.

1. Stunning aerial photos of Namibia.

2. A beautiful holiday living room.

3. Can waking up at the crack of dawn solve all your problems?

4. Classic Christmas movie recommendations if you’re in need of a little vintage holiday charm!

5. How three women made peace with bygone dreams.

6. Real beauty through the decades. (I love this one!)

It’s pretty rare for me to be mopey, so I’m doing everything I can to shake it off, including sitting in front of a roaring fire, staring into space, exercising like a maniac, and reading romance novels to cheer me up. I’m not sure if it’s working, but I guess I could always wake up really early and see if that solves anything – it does sound promising!

I hope the start of your week doesn’t need any adjustments. Make it a great one!

Let me know if you have any tips for boosting my mood and lowering my end-of-the-year anxiety! And if you need to add a little more brightness to your day, check out more 6 Links here!

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