The Lovely Mess Upon My Desk

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She's So Bright - The Lovely Mess Upon My Desk Jan. 2018

Well, it’s post-holidays in real life, but the reality is that my desk is still covered with a collection of my favorite things from Christmas! From gifts to cards, and everything in between here’s what’s hanging around my workspace.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Get to Work Book – My bible for the year. This planner has incorporated my love of lists into a detailed schedule that helps me stay on top of my work, on time for appointments, and consistently goal oriented. While your average planner enables you to write down things you need to do, the Get to Work Book provides you with worksheets for breaking down projects. It also reveals how you’re holding up to tasks via a month-to-month check-in, and lets you assign yourself three “Action Items” a week (just enough to get somewhere, but not too many you won’t accomplish your goals). I’m so excited to break in this new book that it’s already getting some good use! (P.S. It looks like it’s currently sold out, but I’m sure they’ll have some back in stock soon. To read more about the Get to Work Book, check out this post!)

2. Haws Brass Plant Mister – This mister from my Mr. makes watering my plants feel like a big, fancy event! Haws is an English company steeped in tradition and quality, so I’m looking forward to having this little guy accompany on many a planting adventure, or perhaps as a well-worn tool in the greenhouse of my dreams. Not only do I love the brass material as a garden accessory, but it’s also small, powerful, and I can leave it in a place of honor to show off its beauty.

3. My sister’s holiday card – When mulling over whether she should do a holiday card or not, my sister Erika was struck by inspiration! After a rough year behind her, and a love of the new Wonder Woman film, she borrowed some of my accessories and Jon photographed her as such. It’s all about the tagline: In 2018 Be Your Own Hero! I couldn’t agree more, Erika!

4. Original Crown Mill Pad – Remember how I joked about the cost of everything in Le Bon Marche in this post? Well, I’m comforted by the fact that I can always afford the stationery! I love this French flag inspired set, and I’m super excited to use it regularly for quick jots!

5. Aydry & Co. Bath Salt – I’m new to this brand but was absolutely delighted when my best friend gifted me this. It smells so heavenly (lemony with a touch of mint), and I love trying new products for bath time!

6. Santa Maria Novella Rose Tablets – At first glance, I hadn’t a clue what these were, but I knew I liked the scent! These wax perfume blocks are from the famous Italian brand Santa Maria Novella, known for decadent packaging and handcrafted quality. They are for perfuming drawers or placing in your closets to scent your clothes. I can only imagine the clean, lovely scent that awaits me upon pulling a blouse out of my closet!

7. Milk Face Masks – Another gift from my bestie! I enjoy trying new face masks, and this one is a creamy milk gel that leaves my skin feeling ultra hydrated and refreshed!

8. Mini Grid Notepad – Love this notepad’s straightforward nature. No fussing about or being wishy-washy when you need to get stuff done!

9. Flint Lint Roller – I used to think travel lint rollers were excessive but after a few trips to different hotels where I kept asking the concierge if I could roll my linty hat, Jon gifted a few of these to me for Christmas: one for my purse, one for travel, and one for the car. So thoughtful!

So now you know all my secrets! What’s it looking like on your desk?

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