A Moody Little California Lime

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She's So Bright - A Moody Little California Lime, botanicals, plant, fruit, photography.

Since I’ve started blogging two years ago, I’ve taken too many photographs. My earliest images were plagued with blur as I was only just figuring out how to work my first camera (pro tip: it is NOT as simple as point, and shoot!). From time to time I like to go through my archive and find photos that I really like but have never shared, and I thought it’d be fun to occasionally do that on here!

The image above was from a visit to San Francisco after we had moved to the East Coast. That morning we had met with four of our friends to hike around the scenic cliffs above Stinson Beach – one of my favorite areas in all of the Bay! The moody morning greeted us with dew as we got out of our cars near the trail. And there, beside the road, was a beautiful lime tree speckled in morning mist. I snapped this photo and we went on our way.

Almost all the other images from that day were an utter failure. Most are blurry, and others were blown out or too dark. But this one ended up sharp. And I like it. So, here it is, to share with you!

Do you ever look through old photos on your computer and reminisce about them? Share with me in the comments below!

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