Inspiration for an Updated Entryway

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She's So Bright - Inspiration for an Updated Entryway, Inspiration collage
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We live in kind of a weird apartment situated on three levels, and so our stairway is a big aspect of the space. And with a stairway, comes hallways, which are both tiny and narrow. But the other thing about living on three levels, with your bedroom on the top floor, is that whenever I need to get a pair of shoes or a jacket, I have to go all the way up. It’s exhausting, and for this reason, I usually go a few days at a time wearing the same hat or jacket, leaving it by the door. But I’ve come up with a better solution, and that is to put a little entryway into the stairwell! It’s a small space, but I’ve seen people make tiny spaces work well, and so I’m determined to change it.

Here’s what the space looks like now:

You can see it’s pretty tiny, but I love the brass details of the light fixture I had installed. And I really like the colorful print – something my father had left in this space since the 1980’s.

Here are my entryway must-haves:

1. A bench

I find myself looking for a place to set something down when I come up the stairs (and I don’t mean the floor!). I also like to have a place where I can sit, put my shoes on, or chat on the phone if Jon is in our office next door.

2. A rug

Hardwood is slippery and noisy, so I want to dampen the sound and keep us from slipping in socks! Bonus if it’s a place for Ernie, our cat, to hang out.

3. Can’t be cluttered

Jon hates having too many things in any area, and since we use this hallway regularly, it cannot be crammed with things which can cause tripping. I have to keep the whole space minimal to keep him happy too!

4. Hooks

I want to have a place to hang a hat or two, a coat, or a purse.

5. A place for Knickknacks

Be it trash, dirty laundry, gloves or scarves; I’d like to have a place to keep a few things we may need to grab when leaving the house.

I want the space to be both functional and decorative. And while I love all the images I’ve picked out for inspiration, I’m hoping to find my own unique spin on that bright and brassy California style!

Which look is your favorite and how would you handle a tiny entryway? Share with me in the comments below!

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