A Pair of Hearty Lenses

There’s something about the smell of old things — used things — that can be addictive. Perhaps it’s a person’s residual presence, the way their hand held that item for years, or the scent of their …

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Inspiration for a Lovely Fall

She's So Bright - Inspiration for a Lovely Fall, Moody, Mood board, fall style, vibe

From deep greens to earthy minerals, here’s what has me inspired for fall! Clockwise from top right: 1. Deep purples and jewel tones made me want to embrace the darker colors of the season, with all …

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Window Boxes of My Dreams

She's So Bright - Window Boxes of My Dreams

While gathering ideas for my patio project, I fell into Pinterest this week, swooning over images of window box flowers. Though I’m using long planters that will sit along my patio walls, rather than boxes that …

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