Biker Chicks and a New Animal Crackers Box

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I know it’s Labor Day and all, and I SHOULD be chowing down on a hot dog while enjoying the last dregs of summer, but hey, I thought I’d put down the nitrates (I’m allergic to those anyway) and share a few things to perk you up for the week ahead. After all, the end of the summer is a sad time for most people, so unless you’re an autumn nut like me, you’ll be needing some feel-good links to keep you buoyant without a view of the beach.

Here are my picks for the week:

1. A new definition of Biker Chic – check out these New Orleans badass women and their bikes.

2. Notice anything different about the new animal cracker’s box?

3. A simple Venn diagram that will leave you giggling much more than you’d think.

4. This new Nike commercial about Serena Williams makes me cry every time I watch it.

5. How to revel in the joy of doing things you will never master is the hashtag this decade needs.

6. The incredible knotty studio of talented artist Windy Chien.

I don’t know why the Barnum’s Animal Crackers story fills me with so much joy, but I guess it’s because the change to their packaging really does feel like a much bigger message. So while the end of summer may feel like you’re heading back into a cage, don’t worry, I’ll try to keep bringing you things that will make your spirit feel free. Even if you’re chained behind a desk.

Have a great week!

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