Doe-Eyed Makeup, Spooky Reads and Halloween Fun

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Doe-Eyed Makeup, Spooky Reads and More Halloween Fun - She's So Bright, Halloween Links to Brighten Your Week, Spooky, Silly, Creative

You know those weekends when you plan on being super productive and set out to accomplish a zillion things, and then the weekend happens, and you just want to sit around and do nothing? Yeah, that was my weekend. With a little bit of burn out and a touch of laziness, I didn’t get all my goals met for the weekend. But that’s okay! After-all, it is the weekend, and I recognize that some will include unexpectedly dozing under a blanket in your television room. So now that it’s Monday, and we’re all feeling fresh and reset, here are a few fun links to get you enjoying these bewitching days before Halloween. Check them out below!

1. Super cute deer makeup for a last minute costume idea.

2. Like something out of a King Arthur’s tale: I pulled a 1,500-year-old sword out of a lake.

3. Ten creepy, user-submitted stories that will give you the Halloween chills.

4. A cocktail with a ghoulish twist.

5. 31 spooky (but not too scary) books for your fall reading list!

6. This comet that looks like a skull will be passing by earth soon.

If these links don’t get you into a happy Halloween mood, I’m not sure what will. Have a great week!

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