The Last Ones At The Orchid Show

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Jungle Mysteries (2020)

Last week on Wednesday, I spent a wonderful day wandering the New York Botanical Garden’s yearly Orchid Show with my mother and sister. The show, exhibiting the brilliance of renowned floral designer Jeff Leatham, is a colorful celebration of the unique beauty of orchids. Needless to say, we had a wonderful time exploring the greenhouses, marveling at the abundant floral creations, and enjoying the calming pleasure that only plants can bring. I took pictures the whole way through, often lagging far behind to capture the experience with my lens.

That night, I was inspired to start more gardening classes and went through the NYBG brochure, where I had starred all the courses I wanted to take at the facility this spring. I signed up for one while being waitlisted for another. Then, on Thursday, the garden announced the cancellation of all classes, including my March 28th class on rose pruning techniques. They insisted the facility was otherwise staying open. By Friday, they announced the closure of all the buildings within the New York Botanical Gardens, including the conservatory that houses the Orchid Show.

Last I checked, the New York Botanical Garden was keeping its doors open to the grounds, but they decided to close the rest of their facility to visitors. Thus, I was one of the last people to see the Orchid Show this year.

I had never been to this exhibit before, and I have never been much of a fan of orchids. However, walking through the hothouse air with the plants hanging in all directions left me speechless. I can now grasp the sensation of coming across such beauty deep in the jungle, and of learning how a seemingly simple plant can produce some of the most colorful and dynamic blooms.

While I’m disappointed that the show is closed for the year, I feel lucky to be able to share the photographs I took while visiting. See them all below!

Welcome To The Jungle (2020)
Lollipop Red (2020)
Beam Of Light (2020)
In Opposition (2020)
Out Of The Shadows (2020)
The Conservatory (2020)
Glass House Light (2020)
Never A Dull Camellia (2020)
Waterfall Of Color (2020)
Grown Up Together (2020)
Inside The Arch (2020)
Feeling Green (2020)
Tucked In (2020)
Cluster (2020)
Tropical Growth (2020)

I firmly believe nature can heal you, and I hope these images have helped you have a better day!

One thing that I have learned over and over again during times of difficulty is to keep creating. Keep photographing. Keep making art, because that keeps us awash in beauty.

And I hope you have found a little beauty here, reading this.

P.S. To all my readers, I wish you all the best and please take care of yourselves and others!

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