I’ve Launched A Print Site!

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Here’s Louis enjoying my prints! The large sizes of Rippling and Pink Feathers hang in my office.

I am so excited to share that I’ve launched Flowers In Print, an online store selling limited edition prints of my flower photographs! After months of taking print requests one at a time through emails and Instagram DMs, I decided it was finally time to put together a website where all my flowers are searchable, you can browse by series, and ordering is an absolute breeze.

Right now I am focusing solely on flowers, which seemed to be what everyone likes best, but I haven’t ruled out the option of adding other nature photographs, abstracts, or travel pictures to the mix. I have my first photography exhibition slotted for September, so there is no doubt that I will be furiously photographing this spring, summer, and fall, adding new prints as I share them here on my blog.

While I never set out to photograph plants and flowers at the beginning of this blog journey, it has developed into a significant passion of mine. I love being outside in the garden with a camera slung over my shoulder, kneeling in the dirt in order to find a great composition. This process not only brings me closer to nature but also has been a very meditative practice that is continuously rewarding. Starting out, my goal was to share the beauty I saw around me, and now I hope you can delight in seeing beauty every day on a wall in your own home.

Cotton Candy Swirl, in large, hangs where I do my makeup every morning.

Each limited edition print comes in two sizes: 12”x18,” our larger size is available in a series of 25 prints, and our smaller size, 7”x10.5,” which is available in a limited series of 50 prints. Each print has a description and also a link to the blog post so that you can read the whole story or adventure of how the photograph came to be. Every print is made using the finest quality Hahnemühle acid-free archival paper. The paper has a semi-gloss finish that reproduces vivid colors and contrast in our flower images. The print sizes are the actual printed area, and the paper itself will be slightly large to allow for a small blank border for easier handling and mounting. You can find more information on the website, but please let me a comment or message me if you have any other specific questions about the prints.

Pink Feathers is one of my first photos and still one of my favorites.

I really want to thank you guys for being so awesome and supporting my work for the past few years! Please share Flowers in Print with your friends and family, and anyone you think who would love a beautiful flower print for their wall. Also, be sure to give me a follow or a share on Instagram @flowersinprint to find out about new prints, giveaways, and discounts! And of course, for blog readers, I’m offering a ten percent discount until the end of March using the code: SHESSOBRIGHT or follow this link. Happy shopping!

P.S. Tell me which print is your favorite below and why!

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